i have been thinking

i have been thinking 
about the pits underneath my feet

i have been thinking
about the clouds in the overcast sky

i have been thinking
about the path crumbling steadily, in a mysterious beat 

i have been thinking 
about the tears left to cry

The Irony of Life

Ah, summer break! A time for beaches, for pool parties, for vacations... and for ice cream. 
        I was sitting near the window with my father as we enjoyed our little cups of perfection in the nearest Coldstone Creamery. The not-quite numbing coffee ice cream and crunchy Heath bar crumbs and pecans kept my mind and mouth very busy, so there was very little conversation. 
        As I stared out of the window to my side, I saw a blind man cross the road to a ultramarine blue car, his stick tap-tap-tapping against the tar as he walked. A man and woman, who had come out with him, unlocked the car, and the three prepared to head off. 
        As they stood by, a gleaming white Ford Mustang rolled in, stopping briefly in front of the creamery before rolling along to find an empty parking spot. 
        Just your everyday parking lot scene.
        But the reason the moment stuck out to me was the sheer irony of the incident. A beautiful, highly-acclaimed car passing in front of a bl…

Keep on Smiling

The school bus slowly pulled to a stop in front of the main office. I sighed, staring out of the window as my mind roamed languidly, unable to focus on anything and still slightly sleep-addled. The sixth grade end of the bus was unnaturally empty, comprised of three occupants instead of the usual quantity. Of course, this stop meant two more students for our end, but that was hardly the point.
        As the bus slowly filled in to its usual amount, I noticed a sight that made something in my chest (most probably my almost-nonexistent heart) twist. A man was ushering a very young child to the bus, smiling. Now, this isn't uncommon: plenty of parents see their children off to school in the morning, especially since this is such a big stop. 
        But what caught my attention was the man himself. He walked rather strangely, to put it bluntly. He would always start with his right foot, then swing his left out in front of him; a hobble which made it seem as if he would fall do…

The Simplicity Behind Complexity

A single leaf
On a barren twig

A single twig
On a weathered tree

A single tree
In a crowded wood

A single blade of grass
Shadowed 'neath the tree

A single deer
Lonely and lost

A single cloud
Drifting aimlessly

A single bird
Calling for a friend

A single mind
Visualizing the scene

A single soul

In and Out

In and out
And about again

Weaving through life's

Boil and bubble
Each new trouble

Cycle through day
By day
By day


A friend
A saviour
A chauffeur
A guide

An enemy
A curse
A gift
An equal

We Meet Again

We meet again
My dear old friend,
In the land of peace and sun.

We met when I
Was born anew,
Thirsty for a mother's love.

We meet right now
As the sun goes down
Along with my final breath.

And we'll meet once more
At life's open door
To start all over again.