Monday, February 13, 2017


        They say that time flies when you're having fun, and boy is that true! On February 17, it is aditi's simple thoughts's four-year anniversary! And in honor of such a momentous achievement.....

Each Hour
By Aditi Bhattamishra

Each hour
Each day
Each week
Each month
All logged
Into memories
In little boxes
In the back of my mind.
And so
The cycle goes on,
 Until we find ourselves
Four years from then.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang
By Aditi Bhattamishra

Yin and Yang.
Bad and good.
Two parts,
One whole.
If let loose,
One without the other, 
Leaves darkness in its wake.
If let loose,
One without the other
Leaves peace in its path.
Sometimes victorious, too.
The battle goes on,
And on,
And on,
And on,
And on,
And on,
And on,

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Mischievous Butterflies

Mischievous Butterflies
By Aditi Bhattamishra 

I could leap.
I could fly. 
I could soar across the sky.
I could seek,
And find,
And show,
And give
So many things. 
Yet where do you find me?
Standing on ground,
Staring up at the wide, blue sky
So very sadly.
Each word,
Each thought,
Each breath,
Each belief.
Stress on the opportunities,
I am hoping to keep.
So until that moment of clarity,
When the purpose is clear,
You'll find me standing here,
Chasing dreams
 Like mischievous butterflies.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Glow Full of Secrets

A Glow Full of Secrets
By Aditi Bhattamishra 

On the ground we tread upon,
In the air we breath,
Are secrets 
Never meant to be.
Bubbling in the streams,
And hidden 'neath the trees 
Are unspoken truths
Never to be seen
And yet,
With such mysteriousness,
The world goes on.
With nothing but a glow left behind.
Of things that are gone.

        Tell me in the comments what you think this poem means!

If The Sky Turned Black

If The Sky Turned Black….
By Aditi Bhattamishra
If the sky turned black,
I would paint it blue.
If the clouds were heavy,
I would make them light.
If the sun went down,
I would pull it back up.
If the moon disappeared,
I would make it reappear.
If the world needed me,
I would be there for it.
My question is, though,
Would everyone else do the same?

O, Christmas Tree!

O, Christmas Tree

By Aditi Bhattamishra

Golden lights wrapped
‘Round and ‘round.
Fragile memories
Hung by a thread.
Multi-colored spheres
With a sprinkle of glitter
Shine under the stars.
Striped canes of candy
Hooked on the branches.
And a beautiful star
Placed lovingly on top
Like a cherry on the cake.
O, Christmas Tree,
How we bedizen you.
All those mismatched burdens
You hold without complaint.
While you stand there
Until there is nothing to wait for.

This is a poem I was wishing to publish about the Christmas tree (even though it is way pat Christmastime).

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Saturday, December 24, 2016


        This is a poem I have been intending to publish, but because of other things, I could not get around to it.

By Aditi Bhattamishra

Look at how the stars shine brighter 
Whenever I look up.
Look at how the grass dances 
Whenever I walk by.
Look at how the moon glows 
When I am in the dark.
Look at how the sun shines 
As I wake up to a new day.
Look at how the flowers bloom 
Whenever I breath.
Look at how the birds greet me 
As I climb to the top.
Look at how the world 
Revolves around me.
Look at how I 
Revolve around the world.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

New Blog!

    Hi, readers! I have a huge announcement to make. I've started a new blog! The blog will act as an art gallery. I will post sketches, drawings, paintings, and other projects I've done on it. Here is the link: Gallery of Imagination 
Gallery of Imagination is not a replacement blog for Aditi's Simple Thought. I will be running both blogs simultaneously. 

Saturday, July 30, 2016

the beach

  The Beach
Plum-Island-Beach-15-Fordham-Way-Newbury-MA.jpg (1000×657)
Plum Island Beach, MA
Broken seashells puncture my feet;
Strong waves push against me,
Before pulling me in;
Warm sand bakes my heels,
As the sun mercilessly beat down on me;
Scattered shells, of all shapes and sizes,
Are gems to collectors sandy hands;
Kids joyously fling sand around them, 
As colorful bikini-covered girls sun-bask;
Seagull's loud cries add to the ever-going conversation'
As they scavenge for food;
Boats of all kinds surf the waves;
Kites stay aloft, while their flyers watch attentively
The roar of the waves lures me deeper,
As I stare into the abyss of water.